Embracing Winter for Joy

Breathing fresh air, getting exercise, and connecting with nature have been proven to be critical to our well being. Our connection to nature is strong and through interacting with the environment that surrounds us, we are empowered to live richer and healthier lives.

a beautiful day 01 20 2019
Skiing is one of many fun ways to spend time outdoors during the beautiful season of winter.

Turn off the negative and sensationalized weather reports, stock up on cold weather gear, and embrace this season of beauty and grace. When you head outdoors, notice the beauty of the sun shining on the snow and the multi-colored sparks of glittering light. Soak in the rays of sunshine under a brilliant blue sky as the birds sing. Listen to the crunch of snow beneath your feet as you walk and notice the footprints from deer and rabbits. Notice the soft pallet of colors that winter produces and find joy in the unexpected surprises on your winter trek.

Going for walks is the easiest way to enjoy winter, get fresh air, and soak up the life giving sunshine. You might also want to explore snowshoeing, winter cycling, ice skating, ice climbing, cross county skiing, and alpine skiing, to name a few.  I invite you to try something different, commit to finding positive aspects, and embrace spontaneity. Nature is beautiful throughout all seasons and essential to a balanced life.



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