Personal and professional growth are about investing in yourself. It allows you to be proactive, resourceful, and to enhance your current skills or to try something new. What will your next adventure be?

Workshops are available both in person and online. A list of available workshops are listed below and if you don’t see something, please inquire because the current offerings are always being expanded upon and new courses are being created.

Available Workshops

Social Marketing 101 Discover the power of social media marketing and how this ties in with email marketing and your website to create a formula for success. This workshop is geared towards small businesses and helps attendees to learn how to tap into the most beneficial habits that will create a continual and consistent growth for their brand.

Creative Vision Board Workshop – Envision your Author Success! Learn about the power of creating a vision board to carry forward your intentions into manifestation. This effective practice can help bring your literary goals, creative dreams, and educational pursuits into reality. In this workshop you will learn what a vision board (or book) is and how to create one. Get fun and creative tips, techniques and tools to effectively reinforce the best possible outcome for your vision journey.

Manifesting: Vision Board Workshop Learn about the power of creating a vision board to carry forward your intentions into manifestation. This highly effective practice allows you to transfer your goals and dreams into reality. In this class you will learn more about how to create a vision board (or book) and what tools you can use to reinforce this practice of manifestation.

Living an Innovative Life Learn how to remove that which does not serve your best interests and how to incorporate effective and innovative habits, thought, and actions that will help you on your path to pursuing your unique goals and dreams. There are so many outdated ideas that we can discard, many of which we forget to question the value of. Embrace new philosophies and practices that can truly make a difference in your life. Learn how to find current resources and new ways of thinking that will benefit your own unique personal style.

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