Creating a Life of Joy and Purpose: Vision Board Workshop with Sonya Julie

A recent interview with Sonya Julie  on the Weam Namou show shares information about making change in our lives, goals, and dreams and how we can bring it into fruition. Namou indicated that “Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do. ” Sonya invites people to think about what they’d want to do if they had no limits when she conducts her Vision Board Workshop. Find out more details in the interview and in Weam’s blog where they discuss manifestation, setting goals, and implementing change. Sonya will be presenting her workshop at the Detroit Working Writers conference in November and at the Path of Consciousness Retreat in October. More information is available below.

Namou states that “My friend and colleague Sonya Julie, for instance, used a vision book to change her life. Within a few years, she went from a job in the corporate world to being an entrepreneur, facilitating workshops, creating jewelry and writing her memoir. A co-creator of Rochester Writers, Sonya has published freelance content for a variety of publications including The Oakland Press, Michigan Sports Edge and Rochester Media. She is a Reiki Master and Energy Worker and will be leading a workshop at The Path of Consciousness spiritual and writing conference and retreat in October. In this workshop, called Creative Vision Board Workshop: Envision Your Success!, participants will dig deep into this highly effective practice to help one transfer their goals and dreams into reality. She’s doing somewhat of a similar workshop for the Detroit Writing Conference in November.”

Watch the half-hour interview with Sonya and for more information about Sonya’s work, visit her websites and

She will be presenting at The Path of Consciousness Spiritual & Writing Conference & Retreat Oct. 5-7

She will be presenting at Detroit Working Writers Conference Nov. 10

Manifesting Workshop


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