Do it like a Millennial – Perfectionism and the Flow of Life


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If there is one thing I have enjoyed learning from millennials, it is to embrace the moment and make things happen NOW. I can create a checklist of a thousand things to accomplish before I am prepared to take on a dream or a goal. Or I can just go for it right now. Depending on what “it” is, that might feel scary or wild. It can be unsettling to jump feet first into a project. There’s a chance that something about it may not be perfect or exact.

People in my generation and older often suffer from a sense of perfectionism – they have to retire and have the right amount of time and a workshop to create their invention, or they have to have the right college degree to create credible documentation on a favorite subject matter, or they have to have the perfect space for writing their novel or painting their masterpiece, and on and on these lists go. I have heard all this, and I used to think this way myself. But I have witnessed numerous instances of people in their 30s, especially, gloriously embracing their desires and passions and just going for it, starting with whatever resources are available to them and letting their projects grow as their audiences and customers grow.

I gave up perfectionism several years ago after thinking it was a positive attribute for all my adult years up to that point. I went to a writer’s conference in Lansing called A Rally of Writers and I took a workshop with Hillary Rettig. She explained why being a perfectionist is not good. Finally having the understanding and permission to release this outdated misconception, I shed tears of relief and gratitude. It was a major breakthrough in my understanding of how I can choose to live my life.

I embrace this new concept of going for it now. If I want to create, write, invent, and manifest – I find a way to make it happen. It’s scary at times, like taking a big leap of faith. But the rewards are worthwhile, and it is such a joyous way of approaching life. I am grateful for the flow of life and I shall embrace it continually.

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