I’m Back!

I created this blog quite some time ago and wasn’t quite sure what direction I wanted to take it. I have decided that I am using this blog for my PASSION in life which is a Fit Life – fitness, nutrition, health, healing, personal development, spirituality, growth, and well being.

I love helping people by providing them with information and tools, motivating them, holding them accountable, and helping them to reach their goals. I love what I do! I cannot imagine doing anything I would enjoy more than helping people to feel better, gain confidence, and grow. I coach people in person and online.

I am also passionate about writing. I enjoy freelancing for publications and blogs. I write about fitness and health, of course, but also love  writing about travel, adventure, spirituality, and creative pursuits. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love horseback riding, road trips, yoga, cooking, hiking, and reading.

Feel free to contact me by commenting below, emailing me at CoachSonyaJ@gmail.com or connecting with me on social media. I look forward to talking to you!

5 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Hey, great basis for your blog! Many people would be inclined to read about fitness because it’s something we all struggle with, some more than others. For me, I would love to read tips on how to maintain a high level of fitness without a strict diet (not sure if that’s possible) because I wouldn’t be able to follow one even if I had one 🙂

    1. Thank you! I have struggled with it too so I want to share what I have learned and help others with their struggles as well. For about a year I was at a high level of fitness and I was able to eat almost anything I wanted – I seemed to need a lot of protein due to the high amount of calories I had burned and for the development of muscle – so it’s things like this I want to share. I’m not a fan of strict diets at all – but I do believe in moderation, clean eating, and good information. Stay tuned! 🙂

      1. That’s good to hear! I do moderate well so I’m happy to hear that diet’s not everything to a fit (but not necessarily healthy) life.

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