Time Flies!

Time certainly flies when you’re keeping busy. Summer was fantastic here in Michigan. The weather was warm and sunny, I was able to spend a lot of time around great people and wonderful horses at a local equestrian farm, and my gardens happily grew and are now providing me with a delicious harvest. I was able to visit Chicago in mid-August for a friend’s special wedding ceremony which was fun and I always love getting the local perspective on any location I travel to. In early September I enjoyed my first glass of cider for the season ( http://michigancidermills.net/ )and look forward to the sweeter cider that becomes available in mid-October when new varieties of apples become available for milling. I was also able to attend a traditional arts and music festival ( http://www.wheatlandmusic.org/ )which is an annual event that is a must-do for me. Now it’s time to think about winding down outdoors and spending more time inside. The trees are beginning to change color, most notable is our neighbor’s Maple tree that is beginning to change over to a brilliant orange color. And in two short weeks I will be attending the Rochester Writers’ Conference ( http://www.rochesterwriters.com/ ) which I have attended several times in past years. This event always inspires me to do more with my writing, find ways to direct my creativity, and to become a better business person as well. So there is plenty to keep me busy and I’m quite sure time will continue to fly! What are you spending time on and what are your plans in the upcoming months?

September evening sky at the Outback Lodge and Equestrian Center in Stanwood, MI. Photo by Sonya Julie



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