You may have noticed I have had a flower theme lately. It’s such a lovely time of year with colorful blossoms everywhere.

Flowers remind me of the things that we can count on in life. The beautiful things that return time after time. Just like God’s love. They remind me that there is always something positive and beautiful there to be seen if only we seek it.

I committed to a 40 day challenge of writing on a daily basis. I’ve missed a few days but that doesn’t mean I am going to give up; rather I’m going to persist. I am moving forward in a positive direction. The flowers remind me that I shall persist time after time. Just because there is a short lapse – does not mean I give up.

Moving towards our good  can be a process of moving continually towards the positive, what  feels right in our hearts, towards that which uplifts all.  It is never too late to begin and the time to start is always now. It doesn’t have to be some big grand special thing. Start with small steps.  Like the flowers – feel the beautiful light of the sun shining down encouraging you to move to your next best place.

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