An Expression of Gratitude

Every morning when I wake up, I name at least three things I am thankful for. They include the people I love, my home, and the activities that I enjoy doing, which includes my work projects.

I am grateful for this beautiful land that I experience throughout all of the seasons.

Once I get started it’s easy to keep going, of course. I am thankful for the opportunities that present themselves to me. I am grateful for the time I get to spend with animal friends and in nature. I am grateful for the challenges that I have overcome and so that I can now let go of old situations and activities that no longer serve me.

Every night before I go to sleep I offer gratitude for the things that made the day special. Even if it was a day filled with unexciting tasks like bookkeeping, data entry, and cleaning. Doing these things means I have resources to manage, information to utilize, and an enjoyable space to live in.

Life lessons, possessions, activities, dreams, goals, and so much more makes the list and the list is always evolving, expanding, and changing. Right now at this very moment I am thankful for the window next to my desk, a cup of green tea, and my slippers. It’s often the small things that are easy to be thankful for.

The thing that I am most grateful for is people. For my immediate family, for my significant other, for my relatives and friends, for people I work with, and the members of the communities I enjoy spending time with. I am also often thankful for strangers including the kind person who lets me in to their lane when I’m driving, the honest person who turns in a lost item, the person who offers a smile to someone who needs it, and the people who support others in a time of need.

What are you grateful for today? I would love to hear what you have to say in the comments.

2 thoughts on “An Expression of Gratitude

  1. I am grateful to be alive and healthy, for my home in the U.S., and for the love and support of my relatives and friends.

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