Love is Forever

My dear Aunt Florie, you were there the day I was born. You sneaked in to see me because you were so excited to meet me. You held me in your arms and it was pure love between us. Always love.

We had so many good times together. You were so thoughtful, fun to be with, and someone I looked up to.

I love all the beautiful art you have created. The oil paintings of nature scenes, in particular, always showed the world the deep beauty of your soul.

When I was little you gave me art supplies for Christmas and my birthday. I always looked forward to those big white boxes filled with so much creative potential.

So many memories… good times with Uncle Jack, hearing about your adventures across the pond, your love of animals, your gardens, your fabulous holiday meals, the times we went shopping, and when you took me out for ice cream.

And there was the time when the four of us girls hopped into the car together and drove to Owen Sound, Ontario to meet up with “long lost” relatives (whom you knew but I hadn’t met yet). This trip created the momentum to begin meeting our Canadian relatives more often and then all of the wonderful Julie family reunions that followed.

There are too many memories to mention here but they are all dear to my heart. I am so grateful for your presence in my life.

You are now surrounded in pure love and I know that you are still with me in spirit. I will miss looking into your beautiful blue eyes and seeing your incredible soul. I love you forever and always, my dear sweet Aunt Florie.

We are

People who need to love, because

Love is the soul’s life,

Love is simply creation’s greatest joy.



2 thoughts on “Love is Forever

  1. Lovely, you must be a nice person to love your aunt like this. My niece keeps reminding me that I’m not her mother (not that I will ever want a child like her) she’s thoroughly spoilt even though her mum tries her best to bring her up properly.
    Your aunt is truly a wonderful soul, RIP

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