Horsing Around

Tom, my beloved friend.

I was flying on the wings of heaven. My horse galloped across the wide expanse of the field towards home as I perched myself on his back, dark mane flying, the wind in my face, experiencing excitement and freedom as he galloped towards home.

This was bliss. I was in love. I was hooked.

My passion for horses began early. I recall being four years old and riding my first horse. We were at a riding stable, both of my parents and I riding our own horse and heading out into the woods without a guide. The ride went well until the end when we were pointed back towards the barn. My Dad’s horse decided it was time to run back to the barn and my horse decided to follow. Little did I know I was in a potentially dangerous situation. I didn’t realize there was any chance of danger until I was safely back at the barn. In my mind I had just experienced something exhilarating and life changing. And so began my love of horses.

I rode sporadically as a child and more recently for about ten years as an adult. I have taken weekly lessons, worked at a barn, helped with summer camps, and I ride friend’s horses. I also enjoy taking the opportunity to ride horses when traveling. One of the more memorable times was when I rode a mustang (in Reno, Nevada) who was trained in dressage. Another time I cantered through the woods of northern Michigan on the back of a large Belgian (draft) gelding. Best of all is my “home barn”, a place only a few miles away where I can always go to be with good people and good horses. For nearly a decade I have been spending time at this barn, riding many different horses and learning many different lessons.

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