Rochester Writers’ Eleventh Annual Fall Conference – October 20, 2018

Rochester Writers’ Conference – Michigan’s Best One Day Conference!

The Writers’ Life” is the theme for Rochester Writers’ Eleventh Annual Fall Conference at Oakland University on Saturday, October 20. Focusing on topics that are a part of the writing life, attendees will learn about the latest trends, publishing, and sharing their message. Fiction, nonfiction, and business topics will be presented as lectures, workshops, and panel discussions. This event will feature Michigan authors, speakers, and educators. Literary agents who are seeking talented authors will be available for appointments to review manuscripts for potential publication.

Presentations Include:

  • What’s My Genre? – An Overview of the Major Genres
  • Memoir Writing – Freeing Your Personal Mythology
  • The Independent Middle-Grade Author – From Inspiration to Distribution
  • Author Readings – How to Prepare and Execute a Reading of Your Own Work
  • Why Audio? Why Now? – Audio Book Publication
  • Magazine Editor Panel
  • What to do BEFORE Publishing Your Book – Choosing Your Path
  • How to Produce a Podcast – A Live Podcast included with Author Interviews
  • Twitter for Writers
  • Literary Agent Panel
  • Top 25 Publishing Trends
  • Instagram for the #Instaless

Speakers Include:

  • Lev Raphael
  • Cindy LaFerle
  • David Stricklen
  • Devon Drake
  • Mackenzie Flohr
  • Mel Corrigan
  • Jeff Large
  • Stephanie Steinberg

Literary Agents Include:

  • Carrie Howland
  • Hope Bolinger
  • Alyssa Roat
  • Bethany Morehead


The conference begins at 9:00 a.m. in the Oakland Center at Oakland University. Refreshments and lunch will come with the registration fee, which covers all the presentations. Attendees can choose from a variety of options through out the day so that they may select what is most interesting and relevant to their writing path.

For more information visit Rochester Writers 

IMG_6517 (3)
The Oakland Center at Oakland University

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