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Moving through Sorrow with Music


Connecting to Water is Connecting to Emotion and Life force

There is a collective sadness and purging going on at present. It’s certainly not the first time but this time it feels quite raw. Bared outright into the wide open. Many people are feeling uncertain, afraid, sad, disappointed, and weary as of late. It seems as though humanity is going through a difficult phase at present. The world can seem like such a tumultuous place. It’s not an easy place to be.

Letting my music library play at random is one of my favorite things to do because I feel like this allows me to tune into the currents of energy and to check in with the collective, myself, and my higher self. The following songs seem to lend themselves to the difficulty that so many are feeling now. Each of these songs came up on random shuffle, painting a journey that reflects a sensitive time of present. If you are feeling sadness, pain, or any difficulties, it is my wish that perhaps this will offer some respite for your weary soul.


Weight of Your World by Roo Panes. This song reflects soul connection, acknowledgement, holding space, healing intent both inward and outward.

Magic Flow by Anugama. This song holds a gentle deep sadness within its melody, offering a place to dig deep into exploration so that there may eventually be a future release. An inward journey at the same time as a collective sorrow.

Initiation of Ra by Alana Fairchild.  This beautiful song about ancient goddess Isis is healing and I have listened to it myself during difficult and sad times. It is also relaxing and soothing. A song that offers tender healing. Goes well with a long hot magnesium bath.

Joy by Jan Winther, aother introspective song, gentle and melancholy. It offers a tender acknowledgement to the heart. It is okay to be sad, to feel the difficulty, to work into the sadness and simply offer it acknowledgement without a sense of judgement toward self.

Relaxing Winter Wind Sound by mcz2 – The next track that came up was the wind – blowing and cleaning, purging the soul of some heaviness, alleviating the burdens to make space. Spring cleaning of the soul.

Contest Song by Kicking Woman Singers. Powerful rhythmic drumming followed, yet another means of removing energies to make space to create room for new directions. Rattles, drums, and chanting are all powerful ways to move stagnant energy along.

The next song is Momo by Minday Abair, from a soundtrack that I listened to in the early 2000s during a time of recovering from great illness and grief. It was a time of quiet healing, introspection, and travels. This song reminds me of the great gentle waves of Lake Michigan on a warm August day.

The next song is She Just Likes to Fight by Four Tet, a gentle song, this time speaking of a glimpse of the positive to come. Believe that love will win. The album name that this song came from is There Is Love in You. Know and feel it in your heart.

The next song is Bunster by Bloom. This song says, oh yeah, I forgot, I am a spiritual bad ass, I am a beautiful creation and I am deciding now that lie is working in my favor. A time for powerful I AM affirmations. You got this.

The next song in this random shuffle experiment is called Day One, by Davidj on the 21-Day meditation challenge. I’m not including a link for this one because I feel it is the title more so than the recording that is relevant. I like this because it is a reminder that we may experience many “day one”s in life, that we start and stop, ebb and flow, and change continually. Growing through the cycle of life, the heroes’ journey, the path of the four directions.

Lastly we have Bringers of the Dawn by Spaceship Earth, a song that encourages us to love and grow. It talks about light and dark, our monumental role on this amazing planet of unlocking our living library. This song shows that often out of the darkness we transform in mind, body, emotion, and spirit. This song is about growth like baby green plants popping up in the spring, persevering, growing, and expanding in a time of growth. Not without setbacks, the plant continues to grow and journey forward, ever strengthening its roots and gaining wisdom.


I have felt times of deep darkness in my personal life. At present I am feeling mostly positive, though the darkness of the world can be a heavy burden to carry some days. Life holds many ups and downs for all of us. Know that it is okay to feel all of your emotions, not just the positive ones. Feel, honor, and spend time with the full range. You are not alone.

I invite you to try a random shuffle experiment with music to see what message the universe has for you today. I also invite you to step out into nature, away from chaos and electronics, away from the noise of the universe, and to find a space where you can sit in silence, letting the tumbling thoughts be stilled so that you may find a place of peace.

My main focus has been to send light, love and peace out into all corners of the world, to every human, to every being and form of life, the land, and all places. I seek to hold my intent in the highest vibration possible. And so it is.

Parting song Wave


Love, Light, Peace



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